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Telecominvest’s mission is to consolidate its subsidiaries and affiliates’ efforts and abilities for the purpose to fully satisfy their Customers’ needs in modern communications services. In order to achieve this, Telecominvest attracts investments, implements telecommunication projects, sets up new enterprises and ensures their efficient development.

About the Company

Open joint-stock company Telecominvest is a holding managing company. OJSC Telecominvest was set up in 1994 by Saint-Petersburg's leading telecom enterprises - OJSC Petersburg Telephone Network and OJSC Saint-Petersburg National and International Telephone - to ensure effective management for their subsidiaries. The holding owns shareholdings in companies that operate in different regions of Russia and abroad, provide mobile communication services, develop software, provide Internet access, operate in other fields.

Telecominvest’s shareholders are: Olymp (58,9 %), TeliaSonera AB (26,1%), AF Telecom Holding (15%).

Telecominvest records 13years of success in the Russian telecom market. Over this 12-year period, the Company has shown stable growth and business development. At present, Telecominvest is one of the biggest telecom holdings in Russia.

The main task of the Telecominvest holding is to provide its Customers with high-quality voice telephony and data transmission, as well as with access to different sources of information. Telecominvest provides such services using combination of mobile technologies and up-to-date fixed-line technologies, including various types of broad-band access. The Company is also active in developing information and billing systems and new generation of communication platforms. Convergence of telecom and information technologies opens a wide range of opportunities for the Group to develop both existing and new businesses.

Telecominvest provides current and strategic management for its companies using systematic approach to doing business, which implies goal-oriented development of all operational segments of the Group on the basis of unified standards and procedures. The Company's shareholdings therefore allow effective management and control over its subsidiaries and affiliates.

The basic principles of the Company are: clear and transparent management structure, effective management team, focus on high profitability, social responsibility.

The Company's investment strategy is based on the concept of reasonable use of the whole range of tools for financing operational and investment activity. In addition to reinvesting profits, such financial tools as loans and vendor financing are widely used to finance the holding companies. Telecominvest often acts as a guarantor under such loans if they are provided for set-ups. However, in every case, getting maximum profit while optimizing financing structure is the main condition for implementing investment projects.

Telecominvest pays great attention to the support and optimization of the complex system of effective development of the holding companies' personnel, as well as the use of effective motivation tools.